Bald Eagle Collegiate Invitational 2017

This past Saturday the team traveled to Indianapolis for the Bald Eagle Collegiate Invitational. The day started off chilly and dark but we managed to stay dry and warm under our new tent. Thank you to all the families who came to support our athletes!

The first race of the day started off strong with the Women’s Varsity 4+ taking third. Starting in 5th, the women surpassed the Penn State A and Marquette A boats, taking home bronze medals. In the Varsity 8+ A, Illinois received 5th after being beaten out by Marquette by four-seconds and Penn State A by three-seconds.

The Novice Women raced in the Varsity 8+ B event, taking fourth with a time of 19:23.3. In the Novice 8+ A event, the new rowers took fifth. After a long season on the water, learning technique and how to move the boat efficiently, the women are ready to gain muscle to beat the teams they faced all season in the spring!

In the Men’s Varsity 4+ A, the heavyweight men beat IUPUI, Marquette, and Penn State, taking ninth in 16:39.9. The lightweight men raced the course in 17:22.9, beating a Purdue boat. In the V8+ beat out Penn State by 2 seconds, rowing a 14:41.8. “The boys brought solid intensity through the last race of the season, and set the tone for the beginning of our indoor training,” said Senior Will Klock, men’s team captain.

The Novice Men raced in the Varsity 8+ B category, finishing 20 seconds behind the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) B boat. In the Novice 8 event, the men took eighth behind Minnesota and beating Marquette by 49 seconds and Penn State by over a minute.

This was a great end of the season and the hard work put out every morning on the water will be put out in the ergs in the coming weeks. Our team is dedicated to getting stronger and faster to be ready for 2K season.