Bald Eagle Collegiate Invitational

Team arrived at the course. Getting boats rigged for the first race at 10:15

Women’s Varsity ‘A’ four was the first boat out and came through the line at 19:36.10, the ‘B’ four finished in 18:25.90. 

The Novice Men’s 8 ‘A’ boat put up a competitive 15:53.60 edging out DePaul once again. The ‘B’ eight finished in 17:16.00. 

Women’s Novice ‘A’ and ‘B’ eights rowed the course in 18:24.20 and 19:30.40 respectively. 

Men’s Varsity ‘A’ four finished in 16:44.70. The ‘B’ came through with a 16:26.60. 

Women’s Varsity 8 ‘A’ placed third in their race over DePaul and Marquette with a 16:48.60. ‘B’ boat came in with a 19:02.60

The last races of the day, the Men’s Varisty eights saw some solid competition with the ‘A’ boat finishing the day with a 14:48,50 and ‘B’ coming in with a 16:00.0.