Special Initiatives

In addition to our regular fundraising campaign to support the team expenses, we are specifically raising funds to support the purchase of key equipment. These initiatives afford us the opportunity to specially recognize donors who contribute to these goals. Most commonly, this recognition comes in the form of naming opportunities as is the case for boats, seats, and oars.

Equipment Purchases

New Wakeless Launch and Motor

In order to help train and provide safety for the crews on Clinton Lake, the coaching staff needs fast and reliable launches. The funds raised will be used to purchase a new launch from Revolution Rowing and outboard motor that we hope to pick up during our spring break training trip in Georgia.

Olimometer 2.52 launch_side_profile_2

Survival Suits for Coxswains and Coaches

Early morning practices can be quite cold and wet for our athletes and coaches who are not actively rowing in the boat. In order to keep everyone safe and warm we would like to provide our coxswains and coaches with a full set of survival suits which will keep them comfortable in cold-weather conditions and safe in the event of an on-water emergency.

The university has offered some funds for safety equipment, but we must match them in order to make this a reality.

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New Boat Trailer

Every time we travel to regattas we load up all of our equipment onto our shell trailer and take to the road. Despite a new coat of paint and some quick fixes, our current trailer is not only becoming too small for our growing team, it’s age is more and more apparent with each trip and major repairs will be needed for it to remain functional down the road.  We have been working with Locke Enterprises in New York to design a low-cost custom trailer that would be able to serve the team for many years to come.

Some funding will be available through University matching programs next fall, but most of this cost will fall on the team.

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