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Homer Lake Training Center

The team practices daily out of its Homer Lake Training Center 20 minutes South-East of Campus. The facility is home to the team's fleet of racing, training shells, and coaching launches. Homer Lake is a well protected lake - the team operates its combustion engines on wakeless launches with special permission from the Forest Preserve District meaning that the team rows uninterrupted from the wake of other boats.

Clinton Lake Race Course

The team hosts races, everything from scrimmages to the State Collegiate Championship, at Clinton Lake. Clinton Lake is a 9 Mile long man-made lake 40 minutes West of Campus. Races are hosted on a 2.5km long section no-wake section of the lake. A 6-lane, partially buoyed, 2000m course is installed during the spring race season. Stake boats are installed for large races.

Dryland Training Center

During the Winter months, the team trains indoor at its Indoor Training Facility. The Indoor Training Facility is located in Gym 1 of the Activities Recreation Center (ARC) on Campus. The facility houses the team's rowing machines and provides ample room for the entire team to train simultaneously. The ARC also provides athletes with state-of-the-art weight training equipment.

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