Head of the Charles 2017

This past weekend the team had the incredible opportunity to travel to Boston and compete in Head of the Charles River. As the boats traveled through the bridges of Boston, people lined the water, creating a completely surreal experience. Beautiful weather and smooth water made for very different racing than last year.

On Saturday, the Women’s Varsity 8+ raced, starting with bow number 40. The dynamic duo of Alyse Bondarowicz (sophomore) stroking and Veronika O’Donnell (sophomore) coxing lead the boat to pass crew, finishing 36th. O’Donnell’s textbook lines really helped the crew, pushing hard through Weeks Bridge and then Anderson. Lindsey Cusack, a senior in 6 seat, brought her experience, rowing in the Head of the Charles last year in the Varsity 8+ as well. This race will help this young team progress to more success in the future.

On Sunday, the Men’s Varsity 8+, coxed by Sarah Betadem and stroked by Raymond Pu, also finished 36th. The men went head-to-head against Texas and Notre Dame, slowing through Elliot Bridge and then powering all the way through the finish. “One thing we spoke about beforehand was going out of the start with more intensity, since that was one of our problems at the head of the rock, and we were able to go out hard and maintain the intensity for most of the race,” said Pu.