ICRI 2017

5th annual Illinois Collegiate Rowing Invitational

Saturday, April 22, 2017


When we started planning the first ICRI 5 years ago we did so to bring out the best in Illinois collegiate rowing. Our hope was that by bringing together all of the crews from Illinois and nearby states we could grow collegiate racing in our region. Our first year we had just 5 clubs, since then the event has grown substantially, with 12 teams from 6 state in attendance in 2016.

This year, thanks to the support we have received from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and DeWitt County Development Council, we are going to see some big improvements to the event. Space along shore has been cleared out for spectators and team tents and a new area is being developed for trailer parking and boat storage. Additionally, we will be working with Tim Royalty of Precision Racing to install a permanently anchored, fully-buoyed, 8-lane race course. The first components of the course are expected to be ready for this year’s racing.

This regatta location has proven to be a perfect spot for racing and we hope to continue working to make it the premier racing venue in the Midwest. We look forward to working with them in the future as a team, and as a regatta board.

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