Team Sign Up Deadline – April 15

Final Entry Deadline – April 19

Team Registration

This year, we are not using RegattaCentral for our registration. This is so that we can keep our costs and your entry fees low. The entry process will be similar to what was used at MACRA 2015 for those who attended. Please fill out the following form with your team’s preliminary entries before April 15th at 11:59 PM CST. 

Register Here!

Finalizing Entries

Once your team is entered, all preliminary entries will be posted in this spreadsheet. Here, you will be able to comment, but not edit. If you have no changes to the entries make a comment on your team name at the top (as I have done with Illinois as an example). If you have not used google doc comments before, you right click and select “insert comment” about halfway down the menu. Comment “no change”. If you have changes to make (scratching, adding, or shifting events) into an event specifically select the cell you want to change and make a comment there. The document will constantly be monitored and adjusted as necessary.

You can see who has entered what at any time. If you have questions, please email the regatta entry coordinator.

Entry Fees

8+ $85
4+ $60
Team Cap – $750

Multiple Entries

Multiple entries may be accepted in the 2V8, 2N8, or 4’s events. If you wish to enter a second boat in any of these events, please contact the regatta entry coordinator. B entries will be placed on a wait-list and accepted on a first-come basis if there is space in the event without expanding the number of necessary heats.


The entry spreadsheet lists the total at the bottom of each team’s column. That is the amount owed. Once payment has been registered via one of the below methods it will be noted on the spreadsheet.

Online: Payments can be made by credit card, through PayPal, Google Wallet, or Chase Quickpay through the Illinois Rowing Association by using the email address:

Check: If you need an invoice, please email the regatta entry coordinator. Checks can be mailed directly to:

Illinois Rowing
PO BOX 2623
Champaign, IL 61825