Rules of Racing



All weigh-ins will be conducted at the Weigh-In tent beside the registration tent. Athletes must weigh-in at least 1 hour prior to their event time.

Coxswains must weigh no less than 110lbs for Women’s crews or 125lbs for Men’s crews. Coxswains may use ballast to increase their weight. Coxswains are requested to bring ballast to get them near to their weight. Sand will be available for 1-5lbs adjustments. Coxswains must weigh-in in unisuit (or similar attire) regardless of their attire during racing.

A practice scale will be made available to crews outside of the weigh-in tent.

Start Times

Crews must be waiting in the staging area, within communication distance of the marshal, no less than 10 minutes before their race. Crews should be positioning themselves into their lanes no less than 5 minutes before the start of their race. Crews who arrive to the start late will be assessed a false start. After 5 minutes past the event start time, crews not in their lanes will be disqualified and the race will proceed.

Course Map

Traffic Pattern

The lake follows a standard right-hand-rule. After leaving the launch dock, coxswains should head to starboard. Coxswains are advised to stay clear of the buoys as they demark the boundaries of the race course – crews interfering with a race will be disqualified. Once up to the starting area, crews may practice in the area beside the first 250m of the course; however, they are responsible for making it to the start on time for their event. At no time, should crews pass underneath the bridges.

Entering Lanes

The Marshal will direct crews to enter their lanes when the previous race paces the 500m mark. When the Marshal directs crews to the starting gates, they should row across to their lanes and back into the starting gates. Do not try to approach the stake boats from behind. There are shallow cables running between the platforms. Lanes are numbers 1 to 6, with Lane 1 being nearest to the warm-up area, and lane 6 being closest to the northern shore.

Race Pattern

Crews will race towards the finish line which is near the launching area. The course will be marked by three buoy lines between lanes 1&2, 3&4, and 5&6. The first 100m will be marked by red buoys every 10m. The main body of the race course will be marked with white buoys every 10m. The last 250m will be marked by red buoys every 10m. There will be additional large marker buoys for each lane at every 500m. Crews should ensure they are through the finish line before stopping their crews. Coxswains are instructed to stay within the yellow buoys at the finish line.

Abiding By Lanes

Crews who exit their lanes – with their blades or shells – and impinge on another crew will be disqualified from the race. If two crews have both exited their lanes – with blades or shells – when a collision occurs, both crews will be considered at fault and no penalty will be enforced. Should a crew be involved in a collision in a heat and is not a fault, that crew will advance to Lane 7 in the Final – no relief can be given to crews involved in collisions in a Final.

Crews racing in Lane 7 will have no buoy line to follow and will need to execute a floating start As such, the decision as to whether a crew is impinging on another will be left to the discretion of the Referee following the race. Crews are encouraged, as always, to take caution when steering their course to avoid impinging on Lane 6.

Returning to the Dock

Once the race is finished, crews should carefully return to the return dock. Crews should follow the Dock Master’s instructions when docking.

Hot Seating

Crews that are hot seating must be waiting at the launch dock when the crew completes their race. Crews that are hot seating will be handled in order of priority. The coxswain on the water should then proceed to the hot seat area, being careful to navigate their shell around the finish line point. The Dock Master and his or her assistant will help pull in crews to the dock. Once the equipment has been swapped, the crew should carefully proceed back out to proceed quickly to the start.