Venue and Course Map


The Venue

This year, we will have all trailers park in the main lot and there will be a large open field to rig and stage shells.



Trailer Parking

Team trailers may park at the regatta site in the large parking lot. Spaces will be marked out. Please do not rig or store boats in this area as the lot will be very crowded. There is ample space to store and rig your boats in the nearby field, which is closer to the launch dock.

Volunteer Parking

Volunteers may park in the grass lot adjacent to the trailer parking area. This lot is first-come-first -served and will be closed after 8:30 AM.

Local Parking ($5)

There is a grass lot across the street from the venue that will be available for parking as long as the ground is not too muddy.  This is a private land owner’s property, and there will be a $5 charge for all vehicles that use this lot. Please exercise caution when crossing the street.

Remote Parking

Free parking spaces are available in a few marked lots ~1 mile from the course near the corner of IL-54 and Liberty Rd. We will have a free shuttle bus running between these spots and the venue every 10 minutes.

Team Bus Parking

Space is limited near the venue, thus we ask that buses park away from the venue, either at your team’s place of lodging or at the Clinton Lake Beach:

Clinton Lake Beach
Shelter Road
DeWitt, IL 61735

Team Tents

Team tents should be positioned near the shore between the finish line and launch dock. Each team will be given 1 drop-off pass for a parent or support vehicle to drop off food and other items for the tent. This pass will only be valid until 8:30 AM and again after racing concludes. Between these times, the gates will be closed to all incoming vehicles.


Portable toilets are available, as well as permanent pit toilet buildings which are located around the park.

Course Map

The course will start near the County Road 2100 Bridge and proceed ENE toward the finish line at the Liberty Rd. Bridge. There will be three buoy lines between lanes 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6. These lines will be buoyed every 10m with larger marker buoys at each 250. The first 100m and final 250m will be marked with red buoys.

The warm-up area will run on the near-shore side of the course. Crews should proceed up to the start and cross behind the start line to finish their warm up. Stay in view of the start at all times and no not pass through the bridge.

Entering stake-boats: There are cables running between stake boats. Please enter the course from the side and enter your lane. Turn and then back into your stake boat.

After the race, crews should proceed directly to the return dock at the boat ramp. If hotseating, please return back to the launch dock. Coaches should inform the dockmaster if this is the case.