John Hunter Regatta – a Spring Break Recap

The team’s week long stay in Gainesville Georgia ended with a successful set of races at the John Hunter Regatta! After a week of practice on Lake Lanier, races started of on Saturday March 25 with the finals qualifiers; a close mid-pack race allowed the Men’s V8 to finish 3rd behind Georgia Tech and Emory with a time of 6:29.1, edging out Northwestern with a time of 6:29.4. The team’s second race featured the Men’s Novice 4 A and B crews. Each crew finished 5th in their heat, with a time of 7:43.2 and 8:31.4 respectively. The Novice Women’s 4 finished with a time of 8:50.4 ahead of Florida A with a time of 9:19.0. The final morning races featured the Men’s Lightweight 4 (7:47.4), the Varsity women’s 4(8:58.4) and the Women’s Lightweight 4 (8:59.2), who finished, 4th, 4th and 5th respectively.

The afternoon races commenced with the Men’s V8 in the Petite Final, finishing fourth with an overall time of 6:39.8, closing the previous 10 second gap between DePaul (3, 6:35.0). The second race featured the Men’s Novice 8, who earned themselves a spot in the Petite Final with a time of 6:49.1. An excellent race by the Novice Women’s 8 earned them a spot in the Grand Final, finishing first with a time of 7:55.9, second to Florida B. The Men’s Novice 8 Petite final saw the men finish 4th with a time of 7:18.1. The team’s final race featured the Novice Women’s 8 in the grand final, in which they finished 3rd with a time of 8:01.9.

The team will continue to work hard in preparation for upcoming regattas!